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Search Engine,Optimisation,Services

Search Engine Optimisation,Services

Search Engine,Optimisation,Seo,Services


Search Engine,Optimisation,Seo,Services
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Search Engine Optimization Seo Services,
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Search engine submission , Search engine optimization, web site content designing , search engine, to the search engine, web page designing, optimization, supported professionally by EUROSUBMITPLUS

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How many people are visiting your web pages every day ?

It's possible that web sites can be attractive and elagance but the reality is the popularity of web pages deal with the top ranking on the World Big Search Engines (Google, YAHOO, MSN). A person that surfing on the net for finding any web site is using search engines with the percentage of %92.When searching with the keywords related the any wanted products or services, on the screened search engine pages should be first 10 position for the visiting back your web pages by the people. As determined statistical datas the huge amount of people just visiting first 3-5 results on the search engines. EuroSubmit supports TOP 10 position on the Google unpaid section durig long years.

Anchor Text

The "clickable" part of the link structure. Using keywords in the link anchor text of your inbound links will help your search engine rankings for those keywords.


<a href="">This is the link anchor text</a>

Search Engine Friendly

A web page that has been designed and optimised with search engines in mind, often with a view to achieving high rankings. A search engine friendly page also makes it easy for search engines to follow the links on the page.

ALT Tags

These display a short text description of an image when a mouse cursor is held over the image. The ALT description is also displayed in place of the image if the user is browsing with image display turned off. Image ALT tags are useful to your page's visitors. Alt tags can also help with your search engine rankings by increasing the keyword density (if you use your keywords in your ALT tags). Alt Tags one of the important factors about search engine ranking.


<img src="silver-porsche.jpg" width="150" height="225"
ALT="Photo of a Silver Porsche">


Links from another web page to your web page. Most search engines provide an easy way to get a list of all of the backlinks to a specific page. Also referred to as Incoming or inbound Links. Sometimes referred to as "IBLs


Where one version of a page is served to a human visitor, but a different version of the same page is served to the search engine spiders (or 'bots). This is usually done to "fool" the search engines into giving the page a higher rank than it would normally receive while making sure the human visitor sees a useful and attractive page. Sites discovered cloaking may be penalised. Note: Cloaking is discouraged by most major search engines, including Google. Cloaking is the bad way to get best search engine ranking

Comment Tags

Used in a web page's HTML source code to indicate certain information about a section of the page code. Some search engines will consider keywords contained in comment tags for keyword density purposes, others (including Google) will not.

Example: <!--This is a comment-->


The information located within a web page. This includes text, images, and any other types of visible information that a webmaster places on the page.


A script that counts the number of hits, unique visitors, and page views that a web page (or an entire site) receives.


A program used by search engines to "crawl" the web by following links from page to page. This is how most search engines "find" the web pages that they place in their index. Crawlers are also referred to as spiders, robots or "bots".

Crawling the Web

Search engines use crawlers to move from web page to web page by following the links on the pages. The pages "found" are then ranked using an algorithm and indexed into the search engine database. Search engine optimization should be made so carefully for best crawling.

Cross Linking

This is where the owner of two or more websites link the sites together, in order to boost their search engine rankings. If detected, cross linking often results in penalisation by the search engine. Cross linking attracts penalties even you have best search engine optimization pages.


Cascading Style Sheet. Gives complete control over how web pages are displayed.

Doorway Page

A page that is usually optimised for a particular search engine and search term. Multiple doorway pages are often used to help ensure that the same basic content is ranked well on several different search engines. The use of doorway pages for this purpose is frowned upon by most larger search engines, including Google. In spite of thet you can make a better optimizated pages to achive good search engine ranking.

Duplicate Content

This is where two or more web pages contain substantially the same content; they are categorised by the spiders as containing duplicate content. Search Engines spiders have filters to detect duplicate content. When pages containing duplicate content are detected, they are often assigned a duplicate content penalty, lowering the pages'rankings from what it would have received naturally.

Dynamic Content (dynamic pages)

Web pages generated from database information within a content management system, based upon queries from users. Dynamic pages often include characters such as question marks in the URL. The URLs of dynamic pages often use these extensions: .asp, .cgm, or .cgi. Most search engines don't index dynamic content well, though Google is improving.

Dynamic IP Address

An IP address that changes every time a computer logs on to the internet. See also Static IP Address.


A filter is a software routine that examines web pages during a robot's crawl looking for search engine spam, and if it detects the use of spam on the page, a ranking penalty is considered. Common filters look for hidden text (such as white text on a white, or near-white, background), links to bad neighbourhoods, and many other unethical SEO techniques that the search engine doesn't like. The site owner who made the valuable site optimization can easly pass through out the filters and reach the higher search engine ranking levels.


The crawler (there are actually many) that Google uses on a daily basis to find and index new web pages.

Google Dance

Nothing to do with Terry Wogan singing, thank goodness. "Google dance" is an unofficial term used to refer to the period when Google is performing the update to its index. At a specific time, updates to the Google indexing servers may be out of synchronisation, leaving to results changing position, minute by minute. Google may well be changing their index calculation method to allow for a continuous update (which will effectively end the dances, which take place every 2-3 weeks).

Google Toolbar

A downloadable toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows a user to do a Google search without visiting the Google website. The toolbar also displays the Google PageRank (PR) of the page currently displayed in the browser. The Google Toolbar can be downloaded from: Search engine ranking levels can be checked on Google Toolbar.

Header Tags

HTML tags that help outline a web page or draw attention to important information. Keywords located inside header tags can, if correctly structured, provide a rankings boost in the search engines.


<h1>This is an H1 header tag.</h1>
<h2>This is an H2 header tag.</h2>

Hidden Text and Hidden Links

Using a text font that is the same (or nearly the same) colour as the background colour, rendering the text or link invisible or very difficult to read. The same effect can also be achieved by using various HTML tricks. To better search engine optimization and attain higher search engine rankings you have to keep your site away from hidden texts.Hidden text and hidden links are often used to artificially increase a web page's keyword density for a keyword or keyphrase and/or to artificially boost the link popularity of other pages on your site(s). The use of hidden text and hidden links is discouraged by Google and most other search engines, and their use may incur ranking penalties.


The term "hits" is commonly misunderstood. A hit is commonly perceived as a visit to one of your web pages. This is not the case. A hit occurs every time a file is accessed on your website. For example, if your home page has a logo gif file and 18 jpegs on it, then each time a visitor loads that page, 20 hits will be recorded, including 1 hit for the page itself.
The only meaningful way to evaluate the traffic flow of a site is to consider the average daily or monthly number of unique visitors and page views a site receives.


The list of web pages stored and ranked by a search engine.


When a search engine has crawled the web, it ranks the URLs found using various criteria (see algorithm) and places them in the index

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Search Engine,Optimisation,Seo,Services

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Search Engine,Optimisation,Seo,Services

Search Engine,Optimisation,Seo,Services